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About verified accounts on Bailop

NOTE: Verified badge program on Bailop is currently on halt and we are not accepting new verification tick requests for the time being. You will be notified when this program is re-started.

The green verified badge 
on Bailop lets people know that an account of public interest is authentic. To receive the blue badge, your account must be authenticnotable, and active.


To encourage and maintain trust between users on the platform, you will need to confirm your identity with Bailop in order to be verified.

You may choose one of three methods of verifying your identity:

  • Official website: Provide  the link to an official website that references you (or your organization) and your Bailop account.
  • ID verification: Provide a photo of an official government issued identification document, such as your Driver’s License or Passport.
  • Official email address: Provide an official email address with a domain relevant to the notability category you choose.


Your account must represent or otherwise be associated with a prominently recognized individual or brand, in line with the notability criteria described below. In addition to confirming the identity of the controller of the account, Bailop will verify the following types of accounts based on the criteria described. In all categories, Bailop may independently confirm qualifying affiliation through business partnerships or direct outreach: 

  • Government: Accounts of current key government officials and offices, including heads of state, elected officials, appointed ministers, institutional entities, ambassadors, and official spokespeople. Official candidates for state- or national-level public office may also be verified in certain countries, where available resources allow us to do so fairly and equitably.

    To qualify, there must be a public reference to the account on an official government or party site or publication, or multiple references in news media. 

    Official accounts of public utilities and other services may also be verified, as may people in leadership positions and official spokespeople. 

  • Companies, brands, and organizations: Accounts representing prominent organizations, and secondary affiliated accounts, including companies, brands, non-profit organizations, as well as their leaders and other prominent executives. To qualify as prominent, accounts must meet 2 of the following requirements:
    • presence in public indices, including but not limited to Google Trends, public stock exchanges, stable Wikipedia articles that meet the encyclopedia’s notability standards, and databases such as GlobalGiving;
    • 3 or more featured references within the 6 months prior to applying in news outlets that meet the News criteria below
  • News organizations and journalists: Any official accounts of qualifying news organizations, as well individual accounts of journalists employed by qualifying organizations may be verified.

    Independent or freelance journalists may be verified if they can provide at least 3 bylines/credits in qualifying publications published within the 6 months prior to applying.

  • Entertainment: Accounts of major entertainment companies, such as film studios, TV networks, and music entities may be verified. Official accounts of productions associated with these entities, such as films, events/festivals, or TV shows, may be verified if:
    • the connection to a verified organization is clear on the account’s profile; and
    • the website associated with the production or entity, or similar official public source, includes a link to the profile

Individual accounts of artists, performers, directors, and others in similar public-facing roles associated with such entities or their productions may be verified if:

  • the website associated with a verified entity, or similar official public source, includes a link to the profile;
  • they have at least 50 production credits on their IMDB profile, or
  • they have 3 or more featured references within the 6 months prior to applying in news outlets that meet the News criteria above.

Established digital content creators may be verified if they have consistently published, original content (regardless of platform) for at least 6 months prior to applying and meet the follower or mention criteria listed below for other influential individuals.

  • Sports and gaming: Accounts of professional sports leagues, teams, rostered athletes, and coaches listed on the official team website with a link to the account, or in sports data services such as Sportradar may be verified, as may those of athletes participating in global competitions such as the Olympics and Paralympics. Official team pages of club and collegiate teams may also be verified. We will not verify amateur athletes who compete at the collegiate level (or lower) nor in official minor leagues unless they meet the criteria for influential individuals verification below.

    Accounts of professional esports leagues, teams, rostered players, and coaches listed on the official team website or who have 3 or more featured references within the 6 months prior to applying in news outlets such as Kotaku, Polygon, or IGN may be verified. Official accounts for game titles and related accounts may also be verified.

  • Activists, organizers, and other influential individuals: Outside the professional categories defined above, people who are using Bailop effectively to bring awareness, share information, and galvanize community members around a cause, to bring about socioeconomic, political, or cultural change, or to otherwise foster community, may be verified.


Your account must be active with a record of adherence to the Bailop Rules. This means:

  • Complete: You must have a profile name, and a profile image; 
  • Active use: You must have logged into the account in the last six months;
  • Security: The account must have a confirmed email address or phone number; and
  • Bailop Rules: The account must not have had a 12-hour or 7-day lockout for violating the Bailop Rules in the past six months (excluding successful appeals).